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The Darling of Modern Vintage: Cat Carney

Image courtesy of Mod Cloth

I had the chance to get to know Cat Carney, 17, and learn about her experience working with ModCloth, her tips for redheads, and what the future holds! She describes herself as a Pittsburgh native, future New Yorker, model, avid vintage and ‘40s/’50s music lover, Duffy Dossier contributor, bookworm, devotee of any and all bookstores and libraries.

Thank you so much for taking time to do this interview! I know everyone will really enjoy getting to know you better. So let’s start at the beginning: how did you start modeling?

Of course! I am very excited to respond to these fab Q’s.

My love for the modeling industry blossomed after exclusively signing with my local agency, The Talent Group, in Pittsburgh/Cleveland three years ago. Once I traveled to the bright lights of NYC to first meet with agencies that December, I knew modeling would become a paramount passion in my life. In June 2013, I began my work with ModCloth, and, through my scout, signed with APM Models New York in April 2014!  

What was it like working for ModCloth? And confess: how did you resist spending your whole paycheck on all their cute stuff?!

To simply summarize a typical day at the ModStudio, imagine this: call time at 8:30 A.M.,

Image courtesy of Kaela Speicher

hair and makeup (vintage-style!) for 2 hours, shooting 15+ looks until 5 or 6 P.M., and an occasional photo with the ModDogs!

One of the best parts of working with Mod was being surrounded by hard-working and passionate people who knew how to have a wonderful time on set. But, the gift certificates (along with my compensation) were a lovely plus, as well. I utilized each Gift Code to purchase a new frock or accessory – a girl has to splurge!

Modeling can be a difficult career. What have been the biggest challenges you’ve had to face?

Being in the business for three years, I have developed a tough skin to handle and respond positively to rejection. Not every casting or audition I attend will become a booking, but I always harness those opportunities to let my sparkle shine (cheesy, but very true!). Maintaining a sanguine attitude throughout the highs and lows that modeling can bring is essential.  

Image courtesy of Hannah Dexter Photography

What advice do you have for other girls interested in modeling?

Always, Always, Always do research. It’s vital to have the knowledge of who and what the upcoming agencies, photographers, designers, clients, models, and looks are. In my opinion, the models who are up-to-date on what is happening in the industry are much more equipped to make a splash in it.

Another tidbit of advice I have for gals interested in modeling is to practice their craft! I consistently take a peek at fashion stories in Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Teen Vogue, Lula, etc. to try out some of the poses models are showcasing, and put my own pizazz on them.

We all love your gorgeous ginger hair! What are your favorite makeup products for redheads?

Why thank you! A peach blush by CoverGirl Cheekers and Philosophy’s Vanilla Birthday Cake Lip Shine are, invariably, indispensable for my makeup collection. I additionally keep a bold Revlon lipstick shade, like Coralberry, in my Twiggy makeup bag (Thanks, Nylon Shop!) at all times!

Tell us about leaving ModCloth and starting with your new agency. What’s the experience been like?

When my Real Model Scout informed me in early March ’14 that multiple NYC agencies wanted to meet, I knew that there was a large chance my time with ModCloth would come to an end (Mod does not use professional models). I had been using a rider with Talent Group, but a contract with an NYC agency would, in turn, cancel my ModCloth contract. Once I was offered contracts and chose APM Models New York as my perfect fit, I had to say goodbye to ModCloth.

I am thrilled to launch into new beginnings as a NYC- signed model, and will take every

Image courtesy of Cat Carney

ModExperience into my future work. The year I had with Mod was simply magical, but I know that incredibly exciting times and opportunities are in store for me.

My work in NYC thus far has been absolutely fabulous! I took part in some really cool test shoots this past summer and booked my first casting for the J Summer Fashion Show 2014 at the One World Trade Center. (I’ll be journeying to New York City in the beginning of November to not only test but also visit some very special schools!)

Who would be your dream model to “co-star” in an editorial with?

Without a doubt, shooting an editorial with the one and only Coco Rocha would be my dream-come-true. Ever since her fabulously savvy White House Black Market commercials popped up on my T.V. screen a few years ago, Rocha and her fantastic poses have been constant inspirations for my work. Not only is Coco a revolutionary model, but she additionally works diligently as an advocate for social awareness, and even designs her own jewelry! Rocha is, without question, a “role model” in every sense of the word.

Just for fun…share what your five favorite things right now!

  1. Cinnamon-sprinkled steel-cut oatmeal with fresh bananas and walnuts
  2. John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath
  3. An episode of “Rachael vs. Guy: Kids Cook-Off”
  4. PB Teen’s Emily & Meritt Collection (I’ve already begun some shopping for my NYC apartment!)
  5. The tune “Dream a Little Dream of Me”, covered by The Mamas & the Papas

So what does the future hold for you? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Next summer, I’m packing my totes and purses for New York City! I will be entering college as a freshman Communications major, decorating a studio apartment, and modeling full-time with APM. In 5 years’ time, I see myself as a fashion mag writer or editor, or a public relations specialist. Although my heart tells me I will be living in NYC for many a year, I also dream of residing in Europe – I hope my career takes me to Paris, Dublin, or London one day!


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