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Strawberry Goes Black

Welcome! For more info on my hair dye journey, click here.
Pt. 1: Black / Pt. 2: Brunette / Pt. 3: Auburn / Pt. 4: Bright / Pt. 5: Blonde / Pt. 6: Back to Her Roots

Black hair and pale skin can be a beautiful combination. Krysten Ritter and Katy Perry are great examples of this – despite KP being a natural blonde (though it was probably enhanced in the photo), she has the coloring to pull off the black as well.

Another example is Benedict Cumberbatch, a natural redhead (source) who has gone black for several roles. He notes that his hair, however, is auburn. This makes it easier for him to be convincingly dark-haired, and is something to consider for redheads considering black.

I, however, was not so fortunate. Black hair was so unflattering on me, especially the very blue- or ash-based shades. It made me look like death.

I don’t like this.

The bright red lipstick isn’t helping. Or the bizarre fact that my sweater matches the background. I was also dyeing over hair that’d been colored several times before. Note that my hair is lacking the sheen of both KP and Benny’s hair. That makes a difference.

That’s not to say there aren’t other redheads who can pull it off – I think if you have dark brown eyes (like Karen Gillan) it can tie the look together. There are cool-toned redheads out there who can carry the depth of an inky black. And Cumberbatch gives you a good idea of the sort of coloring that it can work with.

But in general, I’d tell other Strawberries who want to go darker to first try warmer shades like golden brown or auburn. Even plum. If you do go black, keep your hair in tip-top shape, so you don’t end up with the dull texture I had.

Despite the fact that I dislike this particular shade, I had so much fun trying every hair color I could – even if some of them weren’t my favorite. Part of the point of this series is for Strawberries to live vicariously through me – enjoy my journey!

Many of these have filters on them ’cause they were just selfies. I wasn’t documenting anything at the time.


Here’s a tip though: notice that I dyed my eyebrows and then filled them in. This is very important! I’m glad that’s over with. Things will get a touch better in the next post: brunette! Read the next post here!


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