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Strawberry Goes Brunette

Welcome back! For more info on my hair dye journey, click here.
Pt. 1: Black / Pt. 2: Brunette / Pt. 3: Auburn / Pt. 4: Bright / Pt. 5: Blonde / Pt. 6: Back to Her Roots

Last time, I shared my experience going black. It wasn’t a pretty picture. So, eventually I decided to go brown. Brown was a very interesting experience for me. It’s something I’d never considered. I almost thought of it like a social experiment. Would it feel different, or would others react to me differently, if I looked more like most of them?

I tried several times to acheive a medium-depth, golden, rich brown. I could never get it as golden as I wanted – most likely because I was dyeing over hair that had been ashy black before. The prettiest result I ever got was from John Frieda Precision Color Foam in Light Golden Brown 6G. I’d definitely recommend it. I also mixed it with some auburn shades I don’t recall.

Growing out the brown – super light roots!

I liked several things about being a brunette. One: I felt like it was a nice contrast with my dark blue eyes. I also have flecks of brown in them. Something about being a brunette tied my look together in a pleasant way.

200-2Two: There was something cool about fitting in. Most people I know, and see around me, are brunettes. “Hey, I’m one of you now!”

After being a brunette, I decided to take a break for a while, and grow out some of my natural color while I decided what to do next. This made for a weird period with my light roots coming in. If you’re a light red or Strawberry like me, be aware of that. Here are some options to temporarily to cover your roots while they grow:

Ion Color Brilliance Root Cover
Ardell Touch of Color
AGEbeautiful Root Touch-Up Spray
Claudia Stevens Root Touch Up Mascara
Roux Temporary Haircolor Touch Up Stick

So, I gave up and decided to dye it again. Next up…auburn!


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