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Strawberry Goes Auburn

Welcome back! For more info on my hair dye journey, click here.
Pt. 1: Black / Pt. 2: Brunette / Pt. 3: Auburn / Pt. 4: Bright / Pt. 5: Blonde / Pt. 6: Back to Her Roots

This is one of the non-terrible hair colors I’ve done! In fact, I really liked having dark red or auburn hair. It was fun to still be a redhead but a different shade of it. I’ve gone back to this color multiple times. I can definitely see myself doing it again in the future.

Julianne Moore has gorgeous naturally auburn hair.

For any redhead or strawberry blonde who wants to go auburn, I’d say it won’t be difficult for you. Just be wary of reds that pull pink or purple. (Unless you like that, then go for it.) But if you’re looking for a natural shade, aim for something with a warm, golden base. I especially enjoy mixing colors for a natural auburn. Half light golden brown and half medium red can make a great color. I tried so many combos that I really can’t recall exactly  what I used, but many of them were from the Ion Color Brilliance line. However, I found those reds pulled pink when they faded. Especially Light Copper Blonde. So it wasn’t my favorite.

Here’s some examples of auburn/dark red that I’ve done!

I especially liked when it faded to a medium red like the last photo. I learned that, since red dye fades quickly even on natural redheads, it was best to aim initially for a couple 1-2 shades than I actually wanted. After a week, it was the perfect color!

Coming up next time…bright colors!


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