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Strawberry Goes Back to Her Roots

Welcome back! For more info on my hair dye journey, click here.
Pt. 1: Black / Pt. 2: Brunette / Pt. 3: Auburn / Pt. 4: Bright / Pt. 5: Blonde / Pt. 6: Back to Her Roots

I had to stop focusing so much on my stupid hair color. I had to put those negative thoughts aside and realize that I am more than my appearance. My friends and family don’t love me because of how I look. So I gave my bleached blonde hair some warmth with the aforementioned conditioner and ginger-hued semi dye mixture. I then added highlights than turned out pretty well!

Occasionally, I felt my hair looked too brassy. I used Clairol Natural Instincts (the only semi-permanent dye I could find at the drugstore!) in Sahara Blonde, which gave it a beige tone which looked quite nice, without changing the color dramatically.

I wish I had a really awesome wrap-up for this but I think it’s an ongoing thing. I kept trying to accept that I just wouldn’t be the reddest-red I wanted to be. But what I’ve come to accept instead is that it’s okay to not like my hair color! What?! Isn’t that where we started?

Yes, I think I have found peace finally by these two things: I am more than my appearance, and I do not need to stay the natural color that’s growing out of my head for some arbitrary reason. As long as I’m not obsessed with it, I think it is totally okay to be happier with a different hair color.

Now I’m on the hunt for the perfect formula to reach that color I so love from my teenage years: copper-strawberry-blonde. And honestly, I’m at a real advantage here. I’m dyeing hair that already has warm undertones. It takes to red much easier. Obviously I’m a natural redhead, despite nature and time altering the actual color, which also means that I’m not going to look like I shouldn’t be red. My pale skin, freckles, and white lashes are still here!

Let’s not forget my roots! Yeah, my hair grows fast and it looks a little funny to me to have blonde-white roots all the time. I think that looks more natural than dark roots though, so another advantage!

I look forward to sharing my continuing journey now. I hope that other redheads who’ve found their color is fading can be helped by following my future attempts. We are Strawberries! We will prevail!

Is your color fading? Have you tried dyeing it? Please share! Until next time, my friends.


3 thoughts on “Strawberry Goes Back to Her Roots

  1. Hi! I just read through this entire hair dyeing adventure, all parts. HOORAY for you being brave! I was born with bright copper strawberry locks, which faded to a deep auburn by my late teens. I’m 32 now and my hair’s been fading to white blonde (!) for the past 5 or so years. I had to dye my hair with a semi-permanent dark brown for a show once (I’m a retired musical theatre gal) and it turned my hair PURPLE-black! I looked crazy with my red roots. After that, I was scared to experiment with dye at all (also b/c of my sensitive skin) but I just can’t get over the fact that I am NOT ready to be cinnamon and sugar that fades to white blonde. I found JFR henna and do a mix of strawberry blonde and copper and it’s PERFECT! I plan on each year mixing in less copper and more strawberry blonde until I’m ready to go champagne and then my true white-blonde or mostly sugar w.a little cinnamon. I think you’ll LOVE the JFR Henna– it’s really awesome stuff, and it’s GOOD for the health of your hair! Anyway, I don’t work for Paula Pennypacker (JFR Founder/Owner) but I LOVE their henna (not so much their makeup though– I’ve had reactions to it). Keep on KEEPIN’ on, love the blog!

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    1. Hey there! I am so happy to hear that you’ve been enjoying reading my journey. I’m finding that it’s not so unusual for redheads to change color like this. It’s very odd when you’re used to bright red hair to go to something closer to white blonde, isn’t it?

      I don’t know if you saw, but my latest series is actually on henna! I just started using it and mixing up my own formulas. I really love it, so I totally agree with you on that! I hope you keep up with the blog – would love to get your feedback and opinions. 🙂


      1. I saw your posts on henna just after I posted my comment, silly me! 😀 I will definitely be catching up and I’m now subscribed so I’ll be keeping up too. ❤️ It IS strange to suddenly look in the mirror and see my hair so different. I looked at a photo album the other day, and it was so vibrant! You’re thoroughly correct about having identity wrapped up in being a redhead– I’m almost ashamed that it bothers me so much, but when you grow up being told that your redhair is your “best feature,” and that it’s what makes you unique, it’s a lot to deal with. Thank you for writing about this and I too believe that no matter what colour you came into the world with if you want to be a ginger, BE ONE! No putting others down — another excellent post of yours. Okay, sweet dreams, I’ve typed your ear off!

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