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Strawberry Goes Bright

Welcome back! For more info on my hair dye journey, click here.
Pt. 1: Black / Pt. 2: Brunette / Pt. 3: Auburn / Pt. 4: Bright / Pt. 5: Blonde / Pt. 6: Back to Her Roots

Next up, I stayed red but went with some unnatural, bright shades. I didn’t do either of these for long, as I don’t care for it. However, I think they can be a really fun option for natural redheads.

I used permanent and semi-permanent, and if you’re a redhead going brighter I’d recommend trying semi first. If you dislike it, it will wash out after a bit. It’s going to be really hard, however, to remove a bright permanent color.

Here I’ve used Adore Semi Permanent in a 50/50 mix of French Cognac and Ginger. (Reviews coming soon!) It came out very orange, in part because it was dyed over bleached hair. I didn’t care for it, but a lot of you probably would! Best of all, it washes out quickly.

This next one is Ion Color Brilliance Hot Red Intensifier. Boy was it intense!



Enough of that! These colors didn’t last long…check out the next post: blonde!


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