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Featured Strawberry: Carrie the Happiest Ginger!

Every month, I’ll sit down and chat with a fellow Strawberry to learn about their experience as a redhead, their favorite beauty products, and more! This month, I got to talk with the lovely Carrie, a natural redhead who has come a long way since a childhood of name-calling and trying to change her hair color. Now she has some awesome advice for any others out there struggling with the same issues, as well as some great beauty recommendations.


Thank you for being our first Featured Strawberry! Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Carrie, aka @happiestginger on Instagram. I am a Minnesota girl. I have a very deep love for animals and I have two dogs, a cat and a parrot. My hobbies include playing the piano, drawing, painting and pyrography (wood burning).

Some people are teased for standing out as a redhead. What was it like for you, growing up with such unique coloring?

It was definitely difficult. I didn’t enjoy being singled out and teased for something I couldn’t change about myself. I was called a rooster, a carrot, and a woodpecker. Kids would also tease me for my freckles by telling me I had a “dirty” face. I was ashamed. I grew up always questioning my appearance. Adults would be giddy over my hair and freckles, but some of my classmates were the complete opposite. It made it hard for me to decide how I felt about myself.

For some reason, a lot of Strawberries experience praise from adults and teasing from children. I’m sorry you went through that. I know you get this a lot, and have addressed it, but for those who haven’t seen your Instagram posts: everyone wants to know if that’s your natural eye color!

Yes! And I would love to elaborate on this. My eye color is blue/grey. Depending on lighting, my makeup, clothing, or natural sunlight, my eyes tend to shift a few shades. The sunlight will really bring out the blue, whereas my makeup vanity lights will subdue them a bit and bring out more grey. Brown, orange and rust colored eye shadows will bring out the blue. The biggest question I am asked is if I wear colored contacts. I do NOT. I do however, wear plain clear contacts for my wonky vision. I never really thought much of my eyes until I started Instagram!

Speaking of eyes, I love how yours are upturned! What makeup techniques do you use to emphasize that?

Thank you! I usually draw a thin point in the inner corner of my eye with a felt tip liner and then follow the natural curvature to the outside corner and drag it upwards. Another great technique is wearing false lashes that flare out in the outer corner. It helps to achieve that feline, upturned look.

Most redheads have three main concerns: the right eyebrow products, mascara, and pale foundation! What are your favorites in these categories?

I have actually gotten my brows tattooed! I have extremely light and sparse brows. The procedure took a few visits, and the results are extremely subtle. The artist just added some hairline strokes to imitate the natural hair growth. It has saved me some time when it comes to grooming my brows. However, I tend to make them much darker with most of my makeup looks, so I like to use a tiny angled brush and some auburn shadow. I will often buy my brow brushes from the craft store! They have a great selection of tiny and angled brushes, used for painting. It works well with makeup too! My brows have been on quite a journey and I’m still learning new tips all the time!


Wow! I have actually started to see a lot of people getting their brows tattooed and it’s definitely not the brows of the 90s’s! I would never have guessed, they look awesome.

Mascara time! Like my brows, my lashes are also super light and practically non existent. When I am sticking to my natural routine, I will usually use Great Lash by Maybelline (yes, the one in the pink bottle)! The brush is thin and tiny and it helps to coat my tiny lashes. When I am going for a more dramatic look, I apply fake lashes! It’s really fun to play around with fake lashes because I can achieve bold looks I can’t pull off with my natural lashes. My go-to lashes are the Ardell wispies or the demi wispies. It takes a steady hand to apply them and practice definitely makes it easier.

Ahhhh foundation for redheads, the struggle is real. Sometimes I want my freckles to take center stage, and sometimes I want them covered like a blank canvas. I adore using a BB Cream for a natural light coverage. Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream in Light is a good one. For a little more coverage, Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream in #13 Milky Beige does the trick. For a full coverage look, I like to gravitate toward BareMinerals bareSkin in Bare Porcelain or Revlon ColorStay Foundation in Ivory.

A great trick is to try combining different shades to create your own custom shade. On the days I just can’t fuss with foundation, a few dabs of a color correcting concealer over my redness is a great option. Green hues will cancel out the redness.

No matter which of these options I use, I always follow up with a sheer loose powder to help my product stay put. And don’t forget- SUNSCREEN! Many foundation options contain SPF, which is super important to us pale berries! If I go without ANY product, I apply a facial sunscreen. I’ve been using Purlisse. I love it because it doesn’t clog my pores.

Sunscreen is definitely vital to any Strawberry’s routine! So, have you ever dyed your hair in the past – if so, what was that like for you?

I started dyeing my hair in 8th grade after begging my Mom over and over again. She reluctantly finally let me do a temporary color and I dyed it brown. Since then I’ve had my hair nearly every color imaginable. I wanted every color except my own. My hair became so damaged! It was not pretty. I finally stopped dying my hair in 2012. It took a very long time to bring my hair back to it’s natural color, and regain it’s health and length. I am ashamed that it had taken me so long to start accepting my natural hair. And now I absolutely LOVE it. I care for it the best I can.

I totally get that. Dyeing my hair is one of the primary reasons I started this blog. Do you have any advice for girls who are still struggling to accept their rare hair color?

Girls, please realize how incredibly unique you are! You are part of the elite 1-2% of the human population that has naturally red hair.
Millions of people are desperately trying to dye their hair to achieve what you have. Yes, red hair is different. But different is GOOD! You are exotic. You are majestic. When you step outside into the sunshine, your hair practically turns to fire. And it’s amazing. YOU’RE amazing.

Aw that’s awesome, I’m sure our readers appreciate that! And finally, a question just for fun! What are your top 5 favorite things right now?

  1. My Yonanas dessert maker. It turns frozen bananas into a soft serve treat. It’s so yummy!
  2. Coconut oil: my holy grail for healthy hair and skin.
  3. Cuties, those little mandarin oranges!
  4. My “My Pillow”. Yes, the as seen on tv phenomenon. It really is as great as they say it is. It’s like sleeping on a cloud.
  5. Pepsi. My guilty pleasure.

    Be sure to follow Carrie on Instagram, where she shows off her fantastic makeup skills, as well as showcasing her natural, makeup-free beauty: something I think most of us want to see more of!  ❤

For your convenience, I’ve linked to products mentioned, in case you’d like to check them out.. None of them were sponsored or endorsed.

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