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Catching Up With Cat Carney

IMG_3809The last time I interviewed Cat Carney, she was a 17 year-old just leaving ModCloth, having been signed to a modeling agency, with big things predicted for her future. Well, those big things have happened! Two years later, Cat has been kind enough to take time out of her busy modeling schedule to catch up with me. Enjoy getting to know her and finding out what she’s been up to!

Tell us about yourself! Hello from Cat Carney, a 19 year -old professional model and college sophomore! Signed in NYC, Mexico City, and my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, I have been growing in the modeling industry for 5 years and running. When I am not traipsing cities en route to castings and bookings, or cracking down on homework, I specifically enjoy bookstore/library hunting, grocery store shopping, and youtube jamming. 🙂

I am so excited to catch up with you! For those who’ve been following you, we’ve seen huge developments in your career. Last time we spoke, you were moving to New York, starting college, and beginning your career with APM. What’s happened since then?

Wow, how fab to reconnect with you! That’s correct, I am officially an NYC gal now. My freshman year at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) successfully concluded a few weeks prior, #NoMoreFinals! I am continuing my journey with the amazing APM, and am now taking on the international life with Paragon Models Mexico City.

How do you like Mexico? Have you had any difficulty adjusting to a new country?

Mexico City is such a spirited metropolis. I arrived about 3 weeks ago and am already enamored with the colors, sounds, sights, and scenes. Adjusting to the water situation was a bit tricky upon arrival, but now I embrace the conscientiousness of keeping food and drink purified.(null)

Clearly you are thriving in the industry. Have you had a lot of opportunities to work with new photographers and the like? What’s it like dealing with so many different types of people?

Working and interacting with photographers is undoubtedly one of my favorite aspects of this career. A day on set with a photog is a new opportunity to transform into any character, any vision. Working with different teams in general, I feel, stretches my skills and broadens my experience.

What has been the biggest challenge in the past couple years?

Perhaps the biggest obstacle I’ve had, professionally-speaking, was navigating the city during November’s winter storm Jonas. I had a major request casting for Saint Laurent’s FW16 show scheduled the exact day the storm hit NYC. Propelling myself against tremendous winds and stomping through ginormous snow piles en route to the SL building = quite the obstacle. (So worth it, though…I was chosen for the callback in LA!)

What’s the best thing you’ve experienced – personally or professionally, or both?

Walking and leading the finale in Delpozo’s Fall/Winter 2016 show during NYFW’s past season. The entire design team made the models feel so welcome, and so integral to the production’s success! Josep Font, Delpozo’s creative director, brilliantly showcased his visions for the show through intricately-crafted designs and delicate (live!) music. After the show, I actually teared up a bit watching the official playback – I will never forget that day. 🙂


Have you learned any beauty tricks from the industry? I have to say, your eyebrows are amazing! Brows can be so important to redheads in particular. Any favorite products?

My mascara skills have improved beyond measure ever since I began my career! I used to struggle applying it before the modeling days. In terms of my brows, I actually let them be – the makeup artists tend to brush foundation (or even hairspray) over them for emphasis, so I let the pros work their brow magic.

How do you keep your skin in good shape when you’re constantly having makeupIMG_3812 applied and removed at shoots?

To keep my skin clear (which is vital for a model’s success!), I immediately take off makeup once my work day is wrapped. Ivory soap keeps breakouts away for me; my skin is ultra-sensitive, so only certain products agree with it.

What are your five favorite things at the moment?

  1. Cappuccinos
  2. Troye Sivan’s Blue Neighborhood Trilogy
  3. Classic Doc Martens
  4. Vintage VW Karmann Ghia’s (I see them everywhere in CDMX!)
  5. Travel memoirs

I know last time you mentioned your dream of modeling in Europe – such as Paris or London. Any plans for that? Where do you see yourself in the next year?

I feel a much stronger readiness to continue international work now that I am working in MX with Paragon. A European contract is most definitely a goal: Dublin, Paris, London, Milano…s’il vous plait!

Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to give us a peek into your life. I hope we can catch up again in the future, and in the meantime we will keep up with you on social media!

Honored to be interviewed once more. Sending many (virtual) xox’s and thank you’s to my followers for continuing with me on this journey. Xox  ❤ ❤


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