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Featured Strawberry: Miss Hero Holliday

June’s Featured Strawberry is the lovely Miss Hero Holliday. I had a chance to chat with her about her hair, favorite vintage stores, and more! Let me allow her to introduce herself.


I’m Amy, or Miss Hero Holliday, and I’m a pinup blogger from New Zealand. I started blogging and sharing my daily outfit photos on Instagram just over a year ago, and since then I have been so inspired by many fabulous ladies and gents! By day I’m an auditor at a Big 4 accounting firm, where I’m lucky enough to have bosses and clients who support the way I dress. I have degrees in commerce and music (the latter of which comes in very handy at my weekly pub quiz), and I’m currently studying for my chartered accountancy qualification.

I’m also very involved in my local theatre community; I had to cut back when I started work full time, but at the moment I sit on the board of two theatre committees and perform in an outdoor Shakespeare season each summer. I have a huge passion for vintage fashion and styling and love getting dressed up everyday and forever hunting for those vintage gems. And I love pizza!

I’m so excited to have you as this month’s Featured Strawberry! I’ve been following you on Instagram for a while and I look forward to your daily posts. First things first: when did you feel a desire to be a ginger?

I had wanted to be a ginger for a really long time, since my teenage years I guess, but I was always scared of dyeing my hair because it seemed like so much maintenance. But I finally took the plunge a bit over four years ago and I’m so glad I did!

Has it been hard to find the right shade? Do you go to a colorist, or do it yourself?

Not hard at all; I knew I didn’t want to go to a salon (couldn’t afford), and I wasn’t confident buying hair dye online. I could actually only find one type in stores here in New Zealand that looked like it would be a ‘natural’ red (as opposed to the fire-engine reds and purple-reds that I saw a lot of) – so I got that one and I’ve been using the same one ever since! It’s a semi-permanent: L’Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss in the shade of Amber.

Red hair dye is notoriously hard to maintain. I’ve had auburn shades fade to strawberry blonde within 2 weeks! How do you keep it vibrant?

I’m probably fairly lazy when it comes to dying my hair, and I only do it every 2 months. I think because the dye I use is semi-permanent that it fades really well, and I find that regrowth isn’t too noticeable. I then use colour shampoo and conditioner to keep the colour as bright as possible in between times.

I’m a huge fan of vintage hairstyles. Do you use pin curls? What’s your method?

I do use pin curls! I couldn’t stand to sleep with curlers in my hair and I haven’t had a good history with heated rollers, so I have stuck with pin curls since I started doing vintage styles. I only wash my hair once a week so they last really well as the week goes on.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs for your style – I have no words for how gorgeous all your outfits are! When did you get into vintage style? What are your favorite clothing stores?

Thank you! I have been buying vintage from a range of eras for over a decade but it’s been more recently that I realised that it’s the late 40s to early 60s I identify most strongly with so I’ve focused my wardrobe on that. I don’t wear black, but basically anything in bright colours and/or fun prints catches my eye. I love to buy true vintage, so I browse op shops in my hometown as well as when I’m travelling, and regularly check out Etsy and the Ooh La La Facebook page to see what’s out there. There’s also a lot of great repro out there so I frequently find myself getting Jenny skirts from Pinup Girl Clothing and buying up large whenever Lindy Bop have a sale!

Now for makeup! Red lips are a quintessential part of a vintage look. What do you like to use?

I have tried a lot of red lipsticks in a lot of different shades, but my favourite and staple is Besame Cosmetics lipstick in Red Hot Red. It’s the perfect vibrant red, goes with everything, and lasts for ages. I have a lip routine of foundation, powder, full coverage with lipliner, and then lipstick so that I only need to touch it up after lunch.

Your eyebrows are awesome. What products do you use and do you have a method for the shape?

I use Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Auburn. I find it’s more brown than red but blends well enough so it’s not too noticable. I have never plucked my eyebrows (aside from the REALLY odd stray hair – again this is down to laziness!), so I just use a brush with the pomade to draw them in a bit darker, and the pomade is really good at smoothing them over.

What’s your favorite foundation(s) for creating that smooth porcelain look? Are there 
skin care products that help keep your skin so nice?

Like lipsticks, I have tried the palest shade of just about every foundation, but I’ve found that brand that actually makes the right shade of pale at the most reasonable price is Rimmel, and I use their Lasting Finish foundation in Light Porcelain, and then use their powder (in the flattering shade of ‘Transluscent’) over the top. For skin care products, I just use standard face wash, moisturisor and makeup remover from Neutrogena, and make sure to keep hydrated with 1.5-2L of water a day.

And just for fun: what are your 5 favorite things right now?

Ooh so many! But I’ll narrow it down:

  1. Cardigans from Review Australia – they’re cropped to the perfect length, come in all sorts of colours, fit really well – basically the best cardigans ever and I can’t stop buying them!
  2. Jenny skirts from Pinup Girl Clothing – I bought one of these last year and loved it but wasn’t super keen on buying any more at the time; this year however they’ve released a heap of prints that I HAD to have, all of which are so versatile and full, so they’ve become staples in my wardrobe. This elephant print is my absolute favourite and I’m eagerly anticipating this boat print.
  3. Relaxing on a Friday night in front of Gilmore Girls (or any day of the week really). I’m re-watching the entire series for the umpteenth time in preparating for the mini-series coming soon.
  4. My hair and makeup staples, including the Sculpture Pin Curl Tool (it’s been a favourite for a while but I couldn’t live without it, it’s so vital for my pin curls), Besame lipstick (mentioned above), and my new favourite eyeliner from Rimmel.
  5. My new phone – after only ever buying really cheap phones, trading in or getting generous friends to give me their old ones, I got a really large iPhone a couple of weeks ago to celebrate my birthday and a payrise at work, and I shamelessly love it way too much.

Be sure to follow her on Instagram and read her blog!

All photo credits go to @cmjsnz.


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