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Featured Strawberry: Mounia Cummings


This month I’m excited to introduce Mounia as July’s Featured Strawberry. She’s a natural redhead who doesn’t fit most people’s stereotypical image of a ginger. I’m happy to share the diversity that exists amongst redheads.

Thank you for being this month’s Strawberry! As a natural redhead, what was it like growing up? Are there a lot of other redheads in your family?

First, I would like to say thank you so much for having me as this month’s Featured Strawberry. As a child, I remember the way my mom would jokingly tell this story over and over about my hair as a baby. People would always ask her if my hair was naturally red and she would tell them, “No, it’s naturally blue. I got tired of it being that way so I dyed it red.” She’d then laugh and tell the truth. Going to school was a little tough. I used to get teased a lot for my hair color. Children would call me names like cockroach, treasure troll, carrot head, coppertop, Duracell and lots more. I would even get asked & told that I was albino. I would say all of the time how I’d dye my hair black once I’m old enough because I thought I was weird.

Funny thing now, I would run into some of the same people that teased me and their hair would be colored or have highlights similar to my hair color. As far as I know, there’s only one cousin of mine who’s also a red. There are some that came close with only sandy hair.

What makeup do you like to use to enhance your natural coloring?

I usually don’t wear makeup too often, but when I do, I like to mix my foundations to match my skin tone perfectly. The products I like to use are Maybelline, Covergirl, and Sephora’s Makeup Forever. With my lips, I like to use NYX & I love the ombre look. I’m always looking for different ideas to try.

mounia2You have fantastic skin! I’m jealous. 😉 What products do you use to keep it looking so healthy?

Thank you. I really don’t use much on my skin being that it is so sensitive. A friend of mine recommended that I try using pure African black soap as well as the Shea Butter, and I’ve been using it ever since. The soap is used on my entire body. Even as a facial wash. After washing my face I use just a very small amount of tea tree oil with the Shea Butter. I also use it as my moisturizer. Although the Shea Butter is thick, it still maintains the moisture on my skin even until the next day.

I adore your pixie cut. I had one myself for a long time. How do you style it? What do you like to use on it?

Thank you. I love the cut on you as well. When I don’t go to my beautician (who does a wonderful job styling my hair), I would usually very loosely flat iron my hair. I don’t have the pixie anymore. I now have a mohawk or (fauxhawk as some may call it). I love the sassy, fun, funky styles, but still have a classy look. My favorite product for my hair is Creme of Nature’s Argan Oil line. I love how silky it makes my hair feel as well as it’s pleasant aroma.

So many people assume that natural redheads are all pale with light eyes. For those like  yourself who don’t fit the mold, what advice do you have?

Being a redhead of African descent is very rare. I can recall seeing about five others like myself, including my cousin. Being different can be a bit difficult because others tend to stare & strangers will approach asking the color of my hair or who dyed it. My advice to other reds would be to embrace your difference even when it may seem challenging. Not only are we different, but we are apart of a unique group of individuals. You were made to stand out. So many want what you’ve got. So if you see a Red, greet a Red, no matter their genetic background.


And just for fun: what are your 5 favorite things right now?

Right now my five favorites would be:

  1. Watching movies. I love action as well as comedy. One of my favorite actors is Liam Neeson. Any movie he’s in, I will love.
  2. Photography. Being able to capture memories is one of the best things in the world. I usually snap pictures of my children, but I love to capture my environment as well as nature photos.
  3. Football. As a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana being a Saints fan is a must. I love a few other teams, but my Saints are number one.
  4. Being able to travel is one of the most therapeutic things ever. Some of the places I’ve gone were to the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and a few other places.
  5. My most favorite thing of all (drum roll please) is being a mother. I have twin boys and they are the most wonderful gift a person could ever receive. They keep me going with the most outgoing personalities.

Once again I want to thank you for having me as a feature for this month. It was an honor.


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