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Interview with Zoe of Simply Redheads

SR_Colour_Logo_Website.pngI had the fantastic opportunity recently to interview Zoe, founder of Simply Redheads. Simply Redheads is a UK-based company with a focus on gentle hair products to enhance red hair. She includes ingredients such as henna, which I’ve discussed before, and almost all her products are free of parabens and SLS.  I also love that she raises money for Alzheimer’s, which has affected both her mother and father-in-law. Enjoy learning more about Zoe, and be sure to try out her hair care line!

Can you share a bit about yourself – and what it was like growing up as a natural redhead?

zoe_simplyredheadsGrowing up with red / ginger hair is not always easy. Yes, your mum loves your red hair and old ladies can’t get enough of you. But other people can be cruel. The teasing and constant attention can be tough to handle at times. My older sister always told me not to worry as when I was old enough I could dye my red hair and cover my freckles with make-up! Like it was something to be ashamed of! Little did I know then, that I would grow to love my red hair as much as I love chocolate!

What made you decide to start your own business? What challenges did you face getting started?

I couldn’t find any decent products to enhance my red hair naturally.  I wanted something to show it off!  The main issue I had was finding a manufacturer. Once I’d sorted that the products were made/tested, and the feedback we’ve had over the last 6-7 years has been brilliant!  Our customers are from all over the world!

How did you decide what products to offer, and what to include in the ingredients?

I wanted something that enhanced red hair (but NOT dye it as it would totally ruin it).    I simplyredheads250ml-5-294x300didn’t want parabens or SLS to be included, or anything that might strip the colour. There are different types of red hair, of course, whether strawberry blonde, thick, etc., so that’s where the range came from, trying to suit all types.

Henna is a great ingredient, it not only strengthens the hair and promotes growth but it conditions, softens, shines and repairs damage, so from continued use of our products your hair really does look its best.  We have a feedback page on the website and customers from all over the world rate it!

What’s your best-selling product? What’s your favorite product for yourself?

The best selling product – hmm, well the first products made have always been popular, which includes the Colour Enhancing Henna Shampoo. And people tend to buy the Luxury Shine Enhancing Conditioner often, and this is also my favourite.  A close second is the Henna and Horse Chestnut range.

Check out my resource page for more companies that cater specifically to redheads!


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