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My Top 5 Favorite Face Oils


I think by now everyone knows that oils can be very beneficial to the skin. Brands are now pumping out oils left and right, each one of them attempting to find the next new thing. So we’re left with a plethora of options, and it can be overwhelming. These are the oils that I have incorporated into my skin care, and which I find very good specifically for my dry, sensitive, acne-prone skin. I hope this can help you make a decision for yourself!

1. Jojoba: This is the first oil I started using, years before this trend hit. I began using it as a young teenager to gently remove my makeup without the need to scrub my skin and irritate my acne. It’s definitely a slippery oil, but not as much as coconut oil, in my opinion. I’ve never used it all over my face to moisturize; rather, I’ll add a few drops to a lotion or even a serum. Recently though, with how dry my skin is from aggressive acne treatments, I do occasionally slather some on and let it sit for a couple hours. I’ve used the same brand for years: Trader Joe’s, available in-store or on Amazon. ($12)

2. Tamanu: This was the next oil I really got into. I came across it whilst doing some research on natural ways to help out my inflamed skin. And I liked what I read about it! It’s derived from a fruit tree native to the South Pacific, which accounts for the earthy scent of it that I love, and many others hate. It’s green and kind of thick rather than slippery. This oil specifically can be really great for some, and terrible for others. You just have to try it for a week and you can always return it if it doesn’t work for you!

It’s not only supposed to help with active acne, but with scars as well. A few years ago I successfully eliminated moderate acne simply using tamanu oil and Ortho-Tri Cyclen birth control pills. Lamentably, I can no longer take birth control as it interferes with my bipolar disorder medication. But my skin really cleared up and had great tone and texture. I definitely recommend trying it! I’ve always used the one from Aura Cacia, which is $16 and worth every drop! Buy it here, or at Whole Foods. They also make a tamanu serum which I really love, as it has a lighter feel and ingredients like lavender and tea tree oil. Buy it here for $12)

3. Coconut: This is an all-time favorite for many people, and with good reason. It has a lot of uses, from your diet, to your teeth and, of course, your skin. This is my second choice, after jojoba, for makeup removal. It’s a bit drippier, which you might prefer. Just use it over a sink, and wipe up any excess when you’re done. (You don’t want coconut oil going down the drain as it will clog your pipes.)

It lets my fingers glide gently around my face and that’s great for irritated skin. I sometimes put a teaspoon or two into a moisturizer if my skin is especially angry, red, or dry. My favorites are Garden of Life ($10) and Nature’s Way ($15).

4. Maracuja: I discovered these next two oils from the ipsy (here’s my referral link), which is my favorite beauty box! I had never heard of them and to be honest, I gave a tiny sigh and eyeroll when I first received them. It just seemed like all these brands were always trying to out-do each other with new beauty oils. However, I gave them a fair try, and I am SO glad I did!

So far I’ve only tried one brand of maracuja, which is from Tarte ($28). It’s a bit pricey but personally I think it’s worth it. I always recommend buying products that you’re unsure of through a seller who has a great return policy! ULTA and Amazon are my favorites. (Not affiliated with ULTA, but I am with Amazon.)

One of my favorite benefits is that it has vitamin C in it, which should be part of everyone’s routines as it’s an antioxidant that helps fight sun damage, and gives a great glow over time. After about a week, I noticed a real difference in the softness and radiance of my skin. Woohoo! Also it’s vegan, for those of you who are interested.

5. Marula: And finally, my recent favorite is Pure Marula Facial Oil. First of all, it is really expensive. Way more expensive than I’d ever pay usually. So that testifies to how much I like it! It just gives me such a great glow, and I don’t mean sheen from the oil. Even when I’m not wearing it, my overall tone has improved. Because my skin is dry and irritated from acne and the acne treatments, giving my skin some life is a big deal to me. I’m so happy I got the sample from ipsy.

It’s supposed to have 75% more antioxidants than argan oil (which you’ll notice isn’t on my list, despite the fact that it’s hugely popular; it just doesn’t work as well for me as these do), and it absorbs the best out of all these oils. It makes a great makeup base, when I put a few drops into my usual CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion ($12). The full size is $78 but fortunately they also offer a Travel Roll-On which is $15, and a great way to try it out. Buy the full-size here and travel size here.

What about you? What are your favorite oils? Share in the comments!


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