Author Cindy Shirley Puts Bullies in Their Place!

Today I’m excited to introduce you to author Cindy L. Shirley, who has written a children’s book just for redheads! Countless redheads have been teased as children. Cindy decided to give a little help to those kids, and their parents, and encourage them to stand up to bullies. Her book is called Diesel the Body Guard: No Bullies Allowed! It’s designed to give them confidence and to be proud of who they are.

Let’s learn more about her and the book!


Tell me a little bit about yourself, and what your background is.

cindyI am married with two adult children and one amazing granddaughter who we affectionately call, “Doodle”. I have lived in Woodstock, Ga. since the age of 8 and still call this wonderful city my home. I graduated high school in 1984 and began my own business not long after. Being self- employed has given me the flexibility to pursue other interests while earning a living. I have previously worked in the Cobb County public school system as an ASP teacher as well as other child care facilities here in Cherokee County, Ga.

I love working with kids! How can you have a bad day when you’re around so much silliness? You wouldn’t believe some of the outrageous things they say. Boy, do I have some stories from the days on the playground. They are so innocent in the comments they make and have no idea of what the “words” really mean. Just hilarious little personalities!

I have a part-time business that I founded in 2002 called Let’s Pretend Spa Parties, which is still operating today.

What inspired you to write this book?

This book was based on several things. First, I was bullied by a boy in school for having red hair and freckles. He called me names and picked on me every day. He was mean as a snake and had to be taught a lesson about respecting others. Especially redheads! The rooster, Diesel, is real and he belongs to my sister. He is extremely protective of his property and will attack anyone or anything that dares to enter his domain. So there is the basis for the storyline, Diesel the Body Guard. lol

What was the the writing process like? What challenges did you face?

I had never thought of writing a book until one day while watching the news, I saw a report about a young girl that was beaten up by a group of students. It made me sick to my stomach and all of the old emotions from being bullied as a child came back to the surface. That night while I lay in bed, my mind kept thinking of ways to help kids defend themselves. By the next evening, my book was written.

My hope is that parents will read this story to their children and discuss how to deal with school Bullies. Kids have to be able to defend themselves! These Bullies find their victims when no adults are around. They are cowards and wait to pounce on kids when they least expect it. In my book, Delilah and Lilly team up with the help of Diesel to take on the Bullies. It is by joining forces that they are able to put an end to the bullying. The boys are shown what it feels like to be picked on. A hard lesson learned!

What sort of response have you had to the book? How would you like to help the children who read it?

I have had amazing response to the book. Parents and teachers love the storyline and the messages within. I hope the book encourages kids to stand together and confront their Bullies. The message is also to show Bullies what happens when you pick on the wrong person. In the end the Bullies apologize and finally learn their lesson. So, the book is really about friendship, compassion, and forgiveness for others.

Do you have plans to write any other books?

Yes! I am very excited to introduce my new series called The Fabulous Life of Minnie the Sassy Chick. The first in the series is The Egg-Straordinary Egg, which has just been released.


I also have a Christmas book coming out later this fall and it is titled, “Doodle and the Magic Christmas Float.” This one is my favorite and is based on my granddaughter and our city’s downtown Christmas parade.

Since this is a beauty blog, why don’t you share a couple of your favorite makeup products? 🙂

My favorite foundation is Cover Girl Natural Beige. Mascara is definitely Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Hydrofuge in Black. Lipstick is Wet and Wild (503 A). I have a drawer filled with products and always go back to these favorites. Oh, and if anyone knows where I can find more Wet and Wild lip stick in this (503A) shade, hit me up! Love this stuff!

Thanks again to Cindy, and I hope to catch up in the future!

Buy Diesel the Body Guard: No Bullies Allowed!
and The Fabulous Life of Minnie the Sassy Chick: The Egg-Straordinary Egg


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