new_picHi there! My name is Rachelle (rah-shelle.) I’m 30, married, a big sister, a writer, a poet, and a redhead. I created this blog because it is so hard to find resources, advice, and specific beauty blogs for natural redheads! I’ve seen it start to grow recently, however, which is really exciting. We might be a small percent of the population but that makes it all the more important that we can connect through our unique traits.

On this site, I review beauty products (usually geared towards redheads, of course), talk about my long struggle with acne, write essaysinterview other redheads, and occasionally share life stuff, like my personal experience with bipolar disorder. I also share my experience dealing with red hair that is fading, which is an issue many natural gingers face.

Some random facts about me: I’m a singer and you can check me out on Soundcloud! I love genealogy and from DNA testing I’ve learned that I’m Danish, German, English, Scottish, and a tiny bit Russian. Speaking of, I love languages and my favorite language just so happens to be Russian. My favorite authors are James Joyce, Georgette Heyer, and Rafael Sabatini. And my favorite movie of all time is Roman Holiday! ❤

My goal is to someday make a living from being a full-time blogger. Hence, I place affiliate links on my site, which I receive a commission for. I only collaborate with brands, however, that I’ve used myself and am happy to promote! I’m also an Amazon affiliate.