I’m digging up the best resources for redheads! I’m continuing to work on growing this list. Perhaps some you’ve heard of, some you haven’t. I truly hope this helps you in your personal journey of embracing and showcasing your unique beauty.

If you have a beauty blog or other website geared towards redheads, or know of a great one, contact me about getting it listed!

Makeup & Hair Care

Just for Redheads
Redhead Revolution
Simply Redheads

Redhead Bloggers

Forever Amber
Legally Redhead
Simply Redhead
Into the Red
Red Style Guide
Not Dressed as Lamb

Other Websites/Forums

Makeup & Beauty for Redheads Facebook Group
Long Hair Community
– a forum that is not redhead-specific, and focuses on growing longer hair, but I highly recommend this place for amazing hair care advice, regardless of length. Especially useful if you want to grow out a pixie or bob.